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Designed for high reliability, optimal visibility and enhanced view ability, Mitsubishi Electric’s leading-edge TFT-LCD modules ensure optimum performance and excellent color quality in a broad range of not only indoor but also outdoor operating environments.

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When used for outdoor applications under direct sunlight, LCD screens are difficult to see, even at luminance ratings of 1,000 cd/m² or more. Power-hungry ultrahigh brightness LCD modules are not a good match for battery-operated portable devices. When it comes to applications like these, transflective LCD modules are the best solution.

The cross-sectional view of a transflective Color TFT-LCD module shows how its repeller reflects incoming light within the LCD module. This ensures stable visibility when the module is used in direct sunlight. The structure makes the LCD module viewable without use of a backlight, thus keeping power consumption low.

Mitsubishi Electric currently offers transflective Color TFT-LCD modules as 5.7”- and 8.4”-inch with VGA resolution as well as 10.4”-inch with XGA resolution.


Cross-sectional view of a transflective Color TFT-LCD module

TFT-LCD Modules

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