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The Mitsubishi Electric 7th Generation NX-Type IGBTs greatly simplify the design of medium power inverters for various applications like industrial drives, wind power, solar power and UPS. Features such as an industry standard low profile package, significantly improved thermal impedance and very low loss, 7th Generation CSTBT™ technology facilitate a very efficient, economical and robust inverter design. The NX-Type line-up has been expanded up to 1000A/1200V and all new 1700V and 650V line-up of dual modules to suit a wider power range of applications. Design effort is minimized as the 7th Generation NX-Type employs the same standard packaging and features previously introduced for the 5th and 6th Generation NX-Type. The newly developed SLC-Technology of the 7th Generation NX-Type enables the design of inverters with higher output current, higher power density and improved high thermal cycling capability.


The new Mitsubishi Electric 7th Generation Standard-Type IGBTs for 650V, 1200V and 1700V have been developed for the purpose of highest power density inverters and best-in-class thermal behavior. The new 7thGeneration CSTBT™ and diode chip set provides high efficiency by reducing both dynamic and static losses. The innovative TMS packaging technology provides very low thermal impedance, low package inductance and high thermal cycling capacity. The new Mitsubishi Standard-Type modules facilitate a high performance and reliability and compact inverter design. The well established 34mm and 62mm package styles greatly simplify the design of medium power inverters for various applications like industrial drives, wind power, solar power and UPS. The newly introduced 48mm package for 300A and 400A rated currents enables a more compact inverter size than with comparable modules in 62mm outline. The 62mm package is a defacto standard in the market since many years. The 7th Generation extends the rated current range of this 62mm standard package, pushing its limits from previously 450A/1200V to 600A/1200V. This gives advantages in terms of operational inverter power, efficiency, reliability and even switching frequency.

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