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PCIM Europe Digital Days
from 7 – 8 July 2020

Join us at the
PCIM Europe Digital Days
from 7 – 8 July 2020

Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor » PCIM Europe Digital Days
from 7 – 8 July 2020

PCIM Europe Digital Days
from 7 – 8 July 2020

A key part of Mitsubishi Electric’s corporate mission is to continually improve technologies and services by applying creativity to all aspects of our business. In recent weeks and months the SARS-CoV-2 and its effects worldwide have significantly changed the way we get in touch with each other as business partners. Fast and creative solutions, especially in digital communications, are a key element during this challenging time.

As a leading manufacturer of Power Semiconductor Modules, we regard PCIM Europe as the most important annual trade fair in our region. It provides a platform to bring information about our technologies and products to our customers in an effective way. For 2020 PCIM Europe has quite correctly changed into a digital platform enabling developers, manufacturers, customers, suppliers and scientists to exchange ideas and learn about new developments, technologies and products.

Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor will be part of the PCIM Europe Digital Days. Online presentations highlighting a variety of applications, products and technologies are currently being prepared in readiness for your interest and attendance. A dedicated European booth team will also be online and available for you to discuss your application requirements in more detail via individual chats and video calls.
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Join our digital round table presentations during the PCIM Europe Digital Days

Mitsubishi Electric’s highlights of Si and SiC power modules in a wide range of applications
for a greener tomorrow

Tue, 07.07.2020, 11:00 am

  • 3.3kV and 6.5kV – high power modules with SiC technology
  • 7th gen industrial IGBT modules – delivering excellent performance and high reliability
  • SLIMDIP-W – a fully integrated motor driver for high switching frequencies
  • SiC technology – when the future becomes a reality

Wed, 08.07.2020, 11:00 am

  • Power modules for high power and high voltage applications – continuously striving for perfection
  • Industrial LV100 – the next generation standard for high power
  • DIPIPM product family – green power devices for white goods
  • SiC discrete power devices as a flexible and efficient solution for modern applications

Join our sessions in the conference of PCIM Europe Digital Days

Tue, 07.07.2020, 15:30 pm
Dialogue Sessions with the Poster Presenters

PP029 (SiC Devices I)
“Physics-Based Device Model for a Silicon Carbide Trench MOSFET”
Takeshi Horiguchi, Takashi Masuhara, Katsutoshi Sugawara, Yasushige Mukunoki

PP035 (SiC Devices II)
“Comparative Study of Electrical Characteristics Between Conventional and SBD-Embedded MOSFETs for Next Generation 3.3kV SiC Modules”
Takeshi Murakami, Koji Sadamatsu, Masayuki Imaizumi, Eisuke Suekawa, Shiro Hino

PP073 (Power Grid Stabilization and Security)
“Low Commutation Inductance Using Standard Half Bridge IGBT Modules in High Power 3-Level (A)-NPC Inverters”
Thomas Radke, Narender Lakshmanan, Daniel He, Satoshi Miyahara

Wed, 08.07.2020
Stream 2 Module Design

From 09:50 am
“Wiring Technology for Upcoming Generation Power Module”
Yoshihisa Uchida, Shinichi Izuo, Kiyoshi Arai, Masao Kikuchi,

From 10:00 am
“New Solderless Structure Power Module for High Reliability”
Yuji Sato, Yusaku Ito, Ken Sakamoto, Koji Yamazaki, Takeshi Ijima, Ryuichiro Hanada, Tetsu Negishi, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Shinnosuke Soda, Kazuyasu Nishikawa

From 10:10 am
“2000V Class IGBT Concept for Renewable Energy Converter”
Satoshi Miyahara, Koichi Masuda, Masaomi Miyazawa, Kenji Suzuki, Hidenori Fujii

Wed, 08.07.2020
Stream 3 Design Tools and Applications I

From 10:00 am
“Development of an Accurate SPICE Model for a New 1.2-kV SiC-MOSFET Device”
Takashi Masuhara, Takeshi Horiguchi, Yasushige Mukunoki, Tomohide Terashima, Naochika Hanano, Eisuke Suekawa

Join the Mitsubishi Electric contribution in: Industry Forum of Bodo’s Power Systems

Wed, 08.07.2020, 12:00 – 12:45

  • SiC-Devices – The Game Changers

Discover this year’s highlights in Si and SiC power modules


LV100 for industrial and renewable applications, Dual type 7th Generation 1200A/1700V IGBT module with SLC technology

LV100 is the Next Generation Standard Module package for high power. The LV100 package has been optimized for the requirements of industrial and renewable applications. An optimized solution is realized by the utilization of: efficient 7th Gen IGBTs with 1200V and 1700V ratings, thermal cycle failure free SLC (SoLid Cover) package technology, and advanced package layout with the advantages of low stray inductance, easy paralleling and symmetrical current sharing.
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N-series 1200V SiC-MOSFET

New discrete SiC MOSFET in TO-247 package

Mitsubishi Electric added the new N-series SiC MOSFETs to the product portfolio. The line-up is divided into three ratings (RDSon = 22 mΩ, 40 mΩ, 80 mΩ) in the TO-247-3 package with a blocking voltage of 1200V, which are optionally qualified according to the AEC-Q101 standards. The N-series SiC MOSFETs can be used in applications like solar inverters and on-board chargers for electromobility.
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DIPIPM with RC-IGBT in SLIMDIP package

The high-switching frequency optimized SLIMDIP-W module for house hold appliances has been released. The integrated drivers and protection functions combined with the RC-IGBT offer a reliable and compact solution for a short time-to-market. The modules has a rated 600V blocking voltage and a rated current of 15A.
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2nd generation Dual type 1200A/1200V SiC MOSFET with RTC short-circuit protection

The 2nd generation SiC MOSFET module for 1200V and 1700V for several industrial application such as auxiliary supply, elevator, UPS, PV, CT, MRI etc has been released. Mitsubishi Electric’s proven 2nd generation planar SiC MOSFET with 2nd generation SiC Schottky barrier diode (SBD) in parallel has been employed to the module. The module with the Real Time Control (RTC) for short-circuit protection is in line-up. The line-up for 1200V has been expanded from 300A up to 1200A widely for several application.
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