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Here you will find a list of articles on all our products. Read them online or download a PDF.


Here you will find a list of articles on all our products. Read them online or download a PDF.

High-Voltage IGBT Modules for High-Power High-Reliability Applications

2021, September – When it comes to high-power applications with highest reliability requirements, HV-IGBTs in the famous std-type package are still the favorable choice. This article explains the reasons and how this traditional package is raised to the next level by a variety of innovative technologies.

Demands by Future Railway Converters and How They Change Power Semiconductor Modules

2021, July – The increase of competitiveness, robustness and efficiency of future railway converters has demanded new power semiconductor modules. Converter manufacturers particularly requested increasing power density and more flexibility for the converter design. This flexibility shall be achieved by simpler parallel connection of power semiconductor modules, which leads to scalability of output power. This article presents the main challenges for power semiconductors in future railway converters and Mitsubishi Electric’s solution: power modules in the LV100 and HV100 package.

Small Power IPM for High Integration Demand

2021, April – Since the first introduction of the DIPIPM™ (Transfer molded type intelligent power module) product family in 1997, these products have been continuously improved and further developed. In the meantime, seven DIPIPM™ product groups have been created in different housing designs, current and voltage classes.

Towards a Greener Future: Highly Efficient SiC Power Devices for Wide Application Range

2020, December – In various applications, SiC devices are used today to achieve highly efficient and compact converters. Applications range all power ratings, from air conditioners, to battery chargers, to industrial drives and even railway propulsion. This article discusses the demands from different applications, highlights the Mitsubishi Electric SiC power devices available in different voltage and power classes and gives insights in latest developments.

LV100: Smart Solution for 1500VDC 3-Level Central PV Inverters

2020, October – In central PV inverter applications, 3-level neutral point clamp topologies based on 1200 V IGBTs are a popular approach. However, finding a suitable power module is often challenging considering the requirements of high current ratings, low stray inductance and standardized housing with widespread availability. Therefore a smart solution for the 1500VDC 3-level central PV inverters is needed.

X-Series RFC Diodes for Robust and Reliable Medium-Voltage Drives 

2020, May – The three-level neutral-point-clamped converter is popular and often used in medium-voltage drives for instance. This article explains the popularity of the topology, the semiconductor requirements, and how the new X-Series diode module of Mitsubishi Electric can make this converter more robust and more reliable.

An Intelligent Power Module for High Switching Speeds

2020, April – Intelligent Power Module solutions are the preferred driver solution in home appliances, especially washing machines, resulting from several advantages. Low power drives should fulfil not only high efficiency, noise and reliability requirements, but also the requirement of optimized system cost. Mitsubishi Electric pioneered the DIPIPM™ concept in 1997, offering the solution to this market requirements since that time and continuing to present innovations in this segment.

Robust High Voltage IGBT Power Modules Against Humidity and Condensation

2019, November – Mitsubishi Electric continuously improve the power device robustness even considering different environmental conditions like humidity and condensation.

The Intelligent Power Module Concept for Motor Drive Inverters

2019, October – Designers of inverters for small AC motors in consumer and general purpose industrial applications are required to meet increasingly challenging stringent efficiency, reliability, size, and cost constraints. Classically, many of such small inverter designs utilize discrete power device packages along with the necessary auxiliary components needed to realize the interface, drive, and protection functionalities.

The Next Generation of SiC Power Modules

2019, September – Since years, Mitsubishi Electric is well-known for its high-current SiC Power Modules, available in different voltage classes. For 1200 V and 1700 V, the second generation SiC Power Modules is released now. Compared to the first generation, the performance has been improved and a wider line-up will be available. As one promising technology for 3300 V and 6500 V SiC Power Modules, Mitsubishi Electric is embedding the Schottky diode into the MOSFET chip. For this cutting-edge technology, latest research results are presented.

The Next Generation of High Power IGBT Modules

2019, May – High power applications in the fields such as renewable energy and industrial drives require reliable and scalable power modules with high power density and low stray inductances. In order to fulfill these requirements, the concept of the well-known and successful HVIGBT LV100 package has been transferred and adapted to the needs of renewable and industrial applications.

Automotive High Capacity Power Module

2019, April – The automotive industry is currently undergoing a tremendous change. Due to higher awareness of the negative impact of air pollutants on human health and the climate change due to CO2 emission, electrification in passenger cars, busses as well as commercial vehicles is becoming ever more important. Mitsubishi Electric as one of the pioneers in electrified vehicles, which started mass production of automotive power modules in 1997, is today delivering optimal power module solutions for all power classes.

Switching Performance of 750A/3300V Dual SiC-Modules

2019, February – Generally, the emerging SiC technology is associated with very high switching frequencies resulting in compact converters. This article focuses on this switching behavior of SiC devices and compares Full SiC and Hybrid SiC with the behavior of a silicon device. All considered modules are rated for 3.3 kV and similar current ranges to give a fair and illustrative comparison. Finally, the article gives an outlook on future higher-voltage 6.5 kV SiC technology.

1700V X-Series HVIGBT Power Modules with Excellent Performance and Reliability

2019, January – The railway applications require components with high quality and high efficiency, especially the converter drives should have reliable and robust switching devices. It is an established practice to utilize 1700V IGBT modules to operate directly on the catenary with the DC voltages below 1000V or in 3-level configuration with catenary DC voltages above 1000V.

7th Generation NX type (NX7) Converter Inverter Brake (CIB) Modules

2018, December – Applications such as elevator drives or servomotors have several special requirements. One on hand, high efficiency is important, while on the other hand, the inverter unit be resilient to the different types of load cycling. Furthermore, the inverter must be designed as compact as possible. NX7 CIB modules aim to address these challenges.

New Transfer Molded SMD Type IPM

2018, June – Mitsubishi Electric has added a new transfer molded SMD type Intelligent Power Module to its line-up – the MISOP™. The MISOP™ is an ideal solution for high performance inverters in the range of 100W which require a high degree of compactness, high efficiency and easy assembly.

7th Generation 1700 V IGBT Modules: Loss Reduction and Excellent System Performance

2018, March – For power electronic systems like industrial drives and converters for renewable energy applications, the major system requirements are: high reliability, high efficiency, high power density and competitive costs. In order to meet these requirements, power loss reduction is a key factor. Power loss reduction enables designs with higher power densities and lower IGBT junction temperatures. As a result, higher reliability can be achieved and the cooling system can be accordingly optimized. Therefore, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the new 1.7 kV 7th generation IGBT modules with improved performance.

3.3 kV Full SiC MOSFETs – Towards High-Performance Traction Inverters

2018, January – Mitsubishi Electric is developing a new Full SiC device rated for 3.3 kV and 750 A. The device comes in the most recent LV100 package, which is especially suitable for traction application and modular converter designs. This article introduces the new Full SiC device and demonstrates the benefits in traction applications.

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High Power Density, High Performance X-Series 4500V IGBT Power Modules

2017, December – Mitsubishi Electric has developed high performance 4500V IGBT power modules providing reliable solutions for medium voltage drive, railway and power transmission applications.

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Advanced Si-IGBT Chip Design for Maximum Overall System Performance

2017, October – The overall system performance is undoubtedly influenced to a significant extent by the choice of the power semiconductor technology employed. For conventional IGBT modules, the recent improvements in the VCEsat vs. Eoff trade-off shows a tendency towards saturation and hence the performance improvement of upcoming IGBT chip generations do not indicate a significant step in efficiency improvements anymore. With the new G1-IPM series it is possible to obtain substantial system efficiency improvement by utilizing an advanced Si-IGBT chip and implementing an adaptive gate control.

New Horizons in Thermal Cycling Capability Realized with the 7th gen. IGBT Module Based on SLC-Technology

2017, May – In various power electronic applications, the lifetime of the converter is a key factor for consideration for estimating the total cost. Particularly at intermittent load profiles the lifetime of a power converter is limited by the temperature cycling capability of the power module packages due to the interconnection of materials with different CTEs (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion). The 7th gen. IGBT modules are based on the new SLC packaging technology with a material composition based on matching CTEs which result in the highest thermal cycling capability.

System Benefits of Using G1 Series Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)

2017, March – Mitsubishi Electric integrates several key technologies into one power module in order to deliver the best possible overall system performance. The G1 IPM concept addresses three areas crucial for inverter designers – [1] Easy design, [2] High efficiency and [3] High reliability.

LV100 – a Dual Power Module for the Next Generation Railway Inverters

2017, February – This article is dealing with a new standard dual module package specially developed for High Voltage IGBTs HVIGBTs used in railway applications. The product got the name “LV100” due to its insulation voltage Viso=6kV AC and the package width of 100mm. The derivate power module named “HV100” has higher insulation capability of Viso=10.4kV AC. Both siblings have a footprint of 100mm x 140mm.

Line-up Expansion of X-Series High Voltage IGBT Modules in the 3300 V Class

2016, December – The 3300 V X-Series continues the success story of the R- and the H-Series power modules of Mitsubishi Electric by improving the overall performance of the device.

Innovative 7in1 IGBT Packages for Scalable and Easy Design of Industrial Drives and Inverters

2016, November – Industrial drive applications require scalable IGBT modules to simplify the design and to provide the possibility of utilizing the same components like driver boards and bus bars for different inverter power ratings. The Mitsubishi NX-series 7in1 IGBT packages provide such scalable solutions combined with high power density and simplified inverter assembly.

„All-In-One“ DIPIPM+™ Series for Compact Inverter Designs

2016, September – A novel family of compact Intelligent Converter-Inverter-Brake-modules was developed. This new DIPIPM+™ series incorporates optimized IGBT- and FWDi-chips, low voltage and high voltage driver ICs in a compact transfer molded dual-inline package. The new DIPIPM+™ series is providing smart answers on the 2 key questions a designer is facing when developing a new inverter design: How to reduce the system cost? How to reduce the inverter size by compact design?

Enhanced Power Density and Expanded Line-up of the 7th Gen. Industrial IGBT Modules Utilizing the Improved Thermal Conductivity of the Highly Reliable SLC-Technology

2016, June – The 7th Gen. Industrial IGBT modules have been successfully developed for the 650V and the 1200V classes to cover important power electronics system requirements such as high efficiency, high power density and high reliability. The outstanding results pertaining to the thermal cycling capability, the “pumping out failure” free package and the low thermal resistance of the SLC-Technology in combination with the low loss 7th generation chipsets are the key reasons for the success of the 7th Gen. NX-type IGBT modules. To expand this technology to the 1700V class IGBT modules, the insulation capability and the
thermal conductivity of the SLC-Technology’s IMB has been improved.

Power Modules for Combining Innovation, Flexibility and Power Capability in the Various 3-Level Topologies

2016, April – Three level topologies have demonstrated higher efficiencies, filter optimization potential and the capability of handling high DC-link voltages. To maximize the advantages offered by the 3-level topologies, Mitsubishi Electric offers new power modules which unlock the potential to realize innovative solutions for different power segments.

6500 V X-Series High Voltage IGBT Modules

2016, February – The 6500 V X-Series high current IGBT power module breaches the technological barrier for operating at 150 °C junction temperature by employing the 7th Generation IGBT and Diode chip-sets. This could potentially unlock the possibility of discovering new horizons in inverter design.


2016, January – A very compact Dual-In-line Package Intelligent Power Module SLIMDIP with ratings of 5A and 15A /600V has been developed employing Reverse Conducting (RC) IGBT chip technology. This technology integrates the required freewheeling function for inductive loads into the developed RC-IGBT chip and, hence, makes the Diode that usually is connected antiparallelly to a conventional IGBT redundant.

Highest Power density by 7th Gen. IGBT Std-Type Module with New TMS-Technology

2015, October – The main requirements of power electronics systems are high efficiency, high power density and high reliability. To achieve the high efficiency Mitsubishi Electric developed the 7th Gen. IGBT chipset. To additionally fulfill the requirements of high power density and high reliability, the newly developed TMS package technology is combined with the 7th Gen Chip in the T-Series IGBT Modules in market de facto standard housings.

More Power and Higher Reliability by 7th Gen. IGBT Module with New SLC-Technology

2015, August – The main requirements of power electronics system are high efficiency, high power density and high reliability. To achieve the high efficiency Mitsubishi Electric developed the 7th Gen. IGBT chipset. To additionally fulfill the requirements of high reliability and high power density, the newly developed SLC package technology is combined with the 7th Gen Chip in the NX-type IGBT Modules Series.

7th Gen. IGBT and Diode Chipset Enabling Highest Performance Power Modules

2015, June – Various application fields of power electronics require semiconductors with low losses, high reliability and good controllability. The 7th gen. IGBT which is based on the carrier stored trench bipolar transistor CSTBTTM technology is developed to address these requirements in the blocking voltage classes of 650V, 1200V and 1700V. A new corresponding freewheel diode is developed based on the new relaxed field of cathode technology.

New 800A/1200V Full SiC Module

2015, April – By using SiC-based semiconductors the performance of power electronic systems can be drastically improved.

4in1 400A/1200V Module with T-type Topology for 3-Level Applications

2015, February – A growing demand for 3-level inverter technology combining reduced power loss and increased power capacity is originating from power conversion applications like wind and PV inverter as well as from industrial equipment such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and recently active frontends of 4-quadrant drives.


2014, August – Dedicated IGBT-modules for high switching frequency operation have been successfully introduced to the market over the past years. Typical applications are X-ray generators, CT-scanners, induction heating, welding, plasma cutters or inverters for isolated or contactless electrical power conversion.


2014, June – This article presents 2 new Mitsubishi Electric power module series for Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) power-train inverter and converter applications.

200A/600V Silicon Carbide Hybrid Intelligent Power Module for Servo-Inverter Applications

2014, March – In Multi-Axis Servo-Drives several servo amplifiers are operating from a common DC-link power supply. Mechanically those servo amplifiers usually are mounted in a so called “book-shelf-arrangement” in a common mechanical rack. This specific construction principle is providing a limited space at each inverter’s backside for cooling the power semiconductors.

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